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Casa Mía

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coffee pouring into a mug


Why Choose Casa Mia?

Welcome to Casa Mia. Here you'll experience the sensitivity engraved in Italian coffee. We pride ourselves in developing a leeway in your self-growth, encouraging you to plant yourself on a sofa whilst immersing in one of Casa Mia's brews. As a family-run business, we are aware of the need to either escape in an enchanting book at the back of the cacophony or bring along your family and friends to connect over Italy's coffee. Awaiting for you to indulge your senses in the aroma of coffee and freshly baked pastry, relax, enjoy the music whilst we take care of you. 

the Casa Mia Experience 


The barista will stir up a fragment of Italy, as the chef moulds the leaning tower of pizza, to enable you to experience the true comfort at Casa Mia. In the heat of summer drench your soul in an iced latte, in the icy winter snuggle up with the heat of a cappuccino. As spring slides into summer and fall drift's into winter, we guarantee to always have a drink catered for you.


With a range of sugars, creams and syrups enjoy the freedom of helping us tailor your experience at Casa Mia. Living in a world where limits are dictated, feel free to explore the boundless possibilities we aid you to see within Casa Mia.




Hot water poruing into filter coffee
Coffee beans getting roasted
We Await You


Founded in the early winter months of 2019, our staff dedicated time to illustrating an ambience suited to you, suited to anyone. Drafting and designing a space which would complement flavours constructed in Turin, Naples and Rome, Casa Mia illuminates a true representation of infused drinks which are onerous to perfect but are made possible within our walls. 

Here you may no longer yearn for a taste of Italy, allow us to deliver it to you. Set oneself free within Casa Mia. Sit, relax and enjoy our predilection towards catering to your desires and wants.

We await you at Casa Mia. Welcome!

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