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The Italian Blend In Hornchurch

With over 70 countries producing informous tropical coffee beans which require the ideal climate and conditions to flourish, picking the perfect country to supply Casa Mia was tricky. Italy may be the coffee capital of the world, Casa Mia is now part of the legacy which was created hundreds of years ago. Having many exports, the classic Italian blend has played a significant growth within rural Italian contested countrysides through decades leading to this brew becoming a valuable export for Italy.

As the global climate is changing, conditions for the growth of rubiaceae trees sees a decrease. Farmers across Italy rely on exports to maintain a healthy livelihood. At Casa Mia we believe strongly that we can make a difference in our society which may impact farmers in our beloved Italy, to begin with our take away cups are recyclable and we encourage heavily to all our customers to be aware of the small actions which can impact you and me.

Casa Mia is bound to become a centre of social activity for the suburban town in East London, with imports arriving from Turin and Naples, freshly picked coffee beans are crushed to create a drink for you to take away or sit and enjoy in Casa Mia, in Hornchurch.

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Jan 07, 2020

Do you have gluten free options

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